About us


Chamber Choir Head Ööd, Vend got its start in spring of 2008, when Pärt Uusberg called together a project choir to take part in his brother’s diploma production „Head ööd, Vend“ (“Good night, Brother”). After the last performance, the desire to sing together had not veined and a decision was made to continue as a regular choir. The core of the choir consists of singers who grew up together singing in Rapla Riinimanda choirs, conducted by Urve Uusberg, along with friends from the Estonian Youth Mixed Choir and young music students. The choir has been a laboratory for the young conductor and composer since its beginnings and still performs a lot of Uusberg’s music. Head Ööd, Vend has successfully taken part in various international competitions, one of the highlights being the Grand Prix in the 13th International Choir Competition “Tallinn 2013”. Head Ööd, Vend has recorded two albums: “Siis vaikivad kõik mõtted” (2009, Pärt Uusberg’s choral music) and “Õhtul” (2013) – latter being named “Album of the Year” by Estonian Choral Association in 2013. The same year, Chamber Choir Head Ööd, Vend received the honor of being named “Choir of the Year”.

– “Siis vaikivad kõik mõtted” (2009)
– “Õhtul” (2013)
– “Õhtu ilu” (2016)

2013 – Choir of the Year and “Album of the Year” (“Õhtul”), Estonian Choral Association
2013 – 6th place and silver medal in XX century music category, silver medal in Contemporary music category and 5th place and gold medal in Gospel, jazz and folk music category,  52nd International Choir Competition  “Seghizzi”
2013 – Grand Prix, I prize in Chamber choir category and II prize in Contemporary music category, XIII International Choir Competition “Tallinn 2013”
2013 – I prize A-category and the traveling trophy of “Tuljak” for the best “Tuljak” performance, XIX Estonian Mixed Choirs’ Competition “Tuljak”
2012 – II prize A-category, granted an access to the Grand Prix round,  XII Estonian Chamber Choirs’ Festival
2011 – II prize A-category, XVIII Estonian Mixed Choirs’ Competition “Tuljak”
2010 – Golden diploma, VIII Pärnu International Choir Festival
2009 – III prize in Chamber choir category in XI International Choir Competition “Tallinn 2009”
2009 – I prize B-category, XVII Estonian Mixed Choirs’ Competition “Tuljak” 

– Uku Uusberg’s diploma play “Head ööd, Vend” (“Good night, Brother”)
– Uku Uusberg’s play “Pea vahetus” (“Head exchange”)
– Tõnis Mägi’s school oratorio “Tarkus” (“Wisdom”)
– NO99 play “Ühtne Eesti suurkogu” (“Unified Estonia plenary”)
– Tartu New Theatre’s and ERM’s summer production play “Opus Geographicum”
– Evelin Seppar’s contemporary opera “Teine” (“Another”)
– Estonian Dance Agency’s music and dance production “Eesti Pildid” (“Estonian Images”)